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Why to invest in Portugal

Why to invest in Portugal


According to the french journal Les Echos, Portugal as one of the most interesting markets to invest in real estate.
In May, this journal published an article about the fiscal benefits in this country and how this is a strong and very attractive reason to invest in Portugal. Having said that, it puts Portugal in the 4 safest countries to invest in real estate, considering that he has the potential of the United States, the profitability of Germany and the safety of Luxembourg.
In this article the journal reminds you that Portugal continues to be the favourite destination for French for holidays. According to the Franco-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFP), since 2013 about 25.000 French moved to Portugal and became residents with the Status of Non Habitual Resident Tax regime. With this status you can enjoy 10 years without paying taxes if your official tax residence is in Portugal, and you need to live here for 183 days per year and did not lived in the last 5 years as resident in Portugal. The weather, the low prices and the high quality of the goods, the safety, highways, airports, justify well the change and the investment.
The French journal alerts for the increasing prices in Baixa and Chiado in Lisbon. Where the price per sqm can go from 4.500€ to 10.000 € in renovated buildings. The search is strong in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve with guaranties of rentability that goes from 3 to 6%. But be aware, if you buy a building with a intent in, make sure that the contract is new, otherwise you might be facing very low rents which can compromise the profitability.
According to APEMIP ( Associação dos Profissionais e Empresas de Mediação Imobiliária de Portugal) the french have climbed 2 positions representing 26% of the foreign investment, they are followed by the United Kingdom ( 19%) and China (13%).
The foreign represented 20% of the real estate transactions in the first trimester of 2016.


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“Golden Visa” set new record on real estate investments in Portugal



The real estate investment volume in Portugal has reached last March 93 million euros, mostly due to the golden visa program with which 168 residence permits have been granted. The first trimester outcome was set on 232 million euros, 43% more than 2015 same period.

 According to Vida Imobiliária, Manuel Reis Campos, president of CPCI (Real Estate and Construction Portuguese Association), «the 1.738 billion euros generated by this program since its inception represents an essential enabling factor for economic growth that goes far beyond the obvious impact on this sector.» Furthermore, «besides the excellent real estate offer, Portugal has a unique cultural and historical legacy, as well as a high level infrastructure network and an incomparable geo-strategic positioning, all factors that cannot be undervalued. Confidence is a key element that must be preserved as it will guarantee international leadership on foreign fund raising.»

 APEMIP (Portuguese association for real estate professionals and companies) foresees 35% to 40% increase on real estate transactions this year as «one in five transactions are from foreign investors» therefore, «Government begins to face this sector as export trade», states Luís Lima, president of the association, to Lusa.

Source: Vida Imobiliária

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Lisbon – the ninth city for investments in Europe

New and Old districts of Lisbon, Portugal, EuropeAccording to PwC consultant, in 2015, Lisbon is the ninth city preferred by European investors to bet in real estate. The ranking rose up 17 positions in a year.

The dominant feeling among professionals who participated in this study is that “Portugal is back on the radar of investors” and that the country “has regained its credibility.”

Source: PwC