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Marketing Portuguese Investments Internationally
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10:00 – 19:00

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Rua Ivens 42, 3ºA | Chiado

1200-227 Lisboa - Portugal

Selling a vacant building?

We can do a preliminary evaluation of the value of your property, and much more…

Buying a building to renovate?

We will present a selection of properties with a business plan, and will assist you in preparing the documentation for the bank loan request.

Being a co-investor in building renovation?

The typical revenues are over 20% a year, with a 24 months average duration and a minimum investment ticket of 200,000€.

What we Offer

We present a selection of Investment projects with high revenue and several solutions such as buildings to renovate, hotels, plots of land, restaurants, …
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About Us

A strong knowledge in real estate related projects, like buildings renovation, real estate developments, as well as touristic investment projects (hotels and resorts).  Our professional B to B team has a high financial background and a large experience in urban renovations. We have also real estate Advisers that can help you to evaluate the selling potential of the future units after rehabilitation and to sell them off-plan to final buyers, especially international ones. We guarantee a full transparency and a complete confidentiality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business were recently completed by Infante & Riu?

We have developed several fund raising operations in which private investors and / or family office type (mainly French, but also American and Portuguese) join with a Portuguese developer to renew a vacant building in the historic center of Lisbon. The equity total raised in the last 9 months is more than 10M € with a global sales value of units after renovation of 45M€.

How can Infante & Riu help you in your investment project?

Our experience allows us to do a preliminary evaluation of the property value and predict the return on investment, develop the business plan or prepare the info memo of a project, submit a preliminary permit to the City Municipality, advise the best way to optimize the resale value and promote your property with international investors. We can also help in the selection of architects and local developers for the successful development of the project.

How do both activity areas of Infante & Riu Group complement each other?

Infante & Riu – Portugal Investments Broker is a B to B real estate business broker, whose clients include Portuguese promotors and international investors. Infante & Riu – Portugal Real Estate is a B to C real estate agency, its clients are especially international buyers. Our B to C agency activity gives us a fully updated view of the renovated apartments market in centre of Lisbon, the types and characteristics sought, the practiced prices per sqm and the reference values, the target of most usual customers and final use. This information is very useful to evaluate a building renovation project and thus advise our international investors and offer them a business plan in order to forecast the return on equity. We can also commercialize the finished units selling them off-plan, from the approval of the architectural design to the end of the project.

Some figures

1 - 60M€

Projects average price


Minimum TIR


Minimum Investment Ticket 

Why Choose Us?


We have an extensive financial background providing expert advice.


An enthusiastic team of advisers are always here to help.


Our financial specialists ensure you get the optimum results.

For expert investment advice you can trust Infante & Riu

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