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10 reasons why Portugal is the place to invest.

10 reasons why Portugal is the place to invest.


With the World’s Fair – Expo98 – Lisbon started to reborn, even with the world economic crises, Lisbon did not give up, becoming one of the places to live and to do business in Europe, according to the Financial Times, which for the first time placed Lisbon on the list of “European Cities & Regions of the Future” 2012-13.


Find out why:

  1. portugal-950059_1920Location – Lisbon has a great geographical location. It is the closest European capital near to America. Lisbon maintains privileged ties to its former colonies in Africa. It’s one of the most important ports of Europe with Sines, which are the gate away to the old continent.
  2. Weather – Lisbon has around 300 days per year of sunshine and the temperature is always mild. It’s defiantly a great place to be, where you can seat in a terrace almost any time of the year.
  3. Safety – Lisbon is the European capital with the lowest homicide rate making it Europe’s safest capital. It is not crime free, unfortunately there are always the pickpocketing and other minor crimes.
  4. Quality of life – Having a great weather and being a safe city, it contributes for her high quality of life in Lisbon. The city has incomparable qualities, recreation facilities and leisure time also make the Portuguese capital one of the best places to live in Europe, residents can be at the beach just minutes from downtown, or enjoy nature in such as Monsanto, the largest urban forest in Europe. It is a perfect place for golf enthusiasts or surf lovers with Europe’s first surfing reserve 30 minutes away.
  5. Real Estate Opportunities – Lisbon was some years ago almost a ghost city in the city centre, when it was abandoned to the lowest classes, especially to poor pensioners living on frozen rents. The buildings reached a shockingly advanced state of decadency, in the past two decades there has been a massive effort to renovate the old historic downtown. Foreigners have also discovered Lisbon and have bought entire buildings in the old neighbourhoods. The historic atmosphere also attracts tourists so the current trend is to renovate buildings and rent the apartments for short stays. The council has been loosened up the rules, opening up a new market for long-term rentals.
  6. Business Opportunities – Because the Portuguese market has become well known for being open to technological innovation, it’s been used by international companies as a test for new products. It’s now much easier to do business in Portugal, and the European Union has recognized it as one of the countries that most reduced bureaucracy. It’s possible to set up a company in less than one hour, and according to the 2010 Global Benchmark Report, Portugal is the 7th country in the OECD with the lowest level of costs and taxes.
  7. Modern Infrastructure – Portugal is in the world’s top 10 for best road network, it reflects the focus on modernizing the country in the last couple of decades. The expanded airport is within 15 minutes of downtown, there’s a modern metro, new hotels and conference centres are growing businesses, and there are new world-class research centres which helped Portugal to become the 4th country in the OECD with the biggest rate of researchers in the fields of science and engineering.Praça do Comércio Lisboa
  8. Innovation and Technology – Lisbon was the first city in Europe to set up a network of electric car recharging stations. Lisbon has Europe’s best fiber optic network and Portugal has pioneered services in banking, telecommunications. Close to 60% of the electricity in Portugal comes from renewable sources.
  9. Human Resources – Lisbon has a multilingual population, with 42% speaking two languages (especially English) and 23% speak at least three languages. Improvements in education levels also means that there’s never been a better-prepared young generation in the country entering the job market.
  10. Tourism Growth – Lisbon has been awared with – Europe’s Best Tourist Destination, Cruise Destination and City Break at the World Travel Awards- and while it’s one of the world’s top 10 cities for corporate events, it’s still overlooked as one of Europe’s must-see capitals. It’s a cruise and a low-cost destination, the number of visitors is growing. Lisbon still needs to grow to, a smart investment in Lisbon would be in turism, in accommodation downtown and in the historic neighborhoods and finally, according to PwC/ULI study, Lisbon is one of the emerging trends in Real a Estate in Europe.
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Infante & Riu at EXPOREAL, the Europe’s largest real estate fair, in Munich from 4th to 6th October



The 19th international trade fair for property and investment, EXPOREAL, the largest B2B trade fair for the industry in Europe, holds in Munich in the coming days 4, 5 and 6 October.

The INFANTE & RIU Group, with its investments and real estate business Broker is present, once again, at an International Real Estate trade fair, in a stand named LISBON/ PORTUGAL, together with another 7 Portuguese companies, which is capable of generating a large stream of visits from companies interested in the Lisbon urban rehabilitation market, main operation market of Infante & Riu – Portugal Investments Broker. At this space, we’ll have meetings previously scheduled with potential investors to whom we’ll present several investments projects with high revenue (buildings to renovate, urban rehabilitation co-investments, hotels purchase, …).

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Infante & Riu in the Portuguese Real Estate Roadshow in France


INFANTE & RIU was present at the PORTUGUESE REAL ESTATE ROADSHOW in FRANCE, in the cities of Lyon, Lille and Nantes, from 20th to 22nd September 2016, with an own display, where we promoted more than 650 properties that we have in portfolio and several investment projects with high revenue (buildings to renovate and hotels).

This event, organized by the French-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, had 30 exhibitors from various areas (real estate, banking, insurance, tourism, city halls).

After the success of the Portuguese Real Estate Fair in Paris that took place last May and received about 17,000 visitors in three days, the cities of Lyon, Lille and Nantes were selected for this roadshow not only for its geographical position, which allow to reach several regions of France, but also because they have an average of 30% of the population of retired seniors, a large Portuguese speaking community and several weekly flights to Portugal.

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Why to invest in Portugal

Why to invest in Portugal


According to the french journal Les Echos, Portugal as one of the most interesting markets to invest in real estate.
In May, this journal published an article about the fiscal benefits in this country and how this is a strong and very attractive reason to invest in Portugal. Having said that, it puts Portugal in the 4 safest countries to invest in real estate, considering that he has the potential of the United States, the profitability of Germany and the safety of Luxembourg.
In this article the journal reminds you that Portugal continues to be the favourite destination for French for holidays. According to the Franco-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFP), since 2013 about 25.000 French moved to Portugal and became residents with the Status of Non Habitual Resident Tax regime. With this status you can enjoy 10 years without paying taxes if your official tax residence is in Portugal, and you need to live here for 183 days per year and did not lived in the last 5 years as resident in Portugal. The weather, the low prices and the high quality of the goods, the safety, highways, airports, justify well the change and the investment.
The French journal alerts for the increasing prices in Baixa and Chiado in Lisbon. Where the price per sqm can go from 4.500€ to 10.000 € in renovated buildings. The search is strong in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve with guaranties of rentability that goes from 3 to 6%. But be aware, if you buy a building with a intent in, make sure that the contract is new, otherwise you might be facing very low rents which can compromise the profitability.
According to APEMIP ( Associação dos Profissionais e Empresas de Mediação Imobiliária de Portugal) the french have climbed 2 positions representing 26% of the foreign investment, they are followed by the United Kingdom ( 19%) and China (13%).
The foreign represented 20% of the real estate transactions in the first trimester of 2016.


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Infante & Riu in Vida Imobiliária, the real estate information leader magazine

vida imobiliaria

Vida Imobiliária´s special edition, focused on the 5th Portuguese Real Estate Fair in Paris and Lisbon’s Building Rehabilitation, has dedicated an article to Infante & Riu Group with an interview to its managers, Ms. Sara Infante and Mr. René Riu. The two pages advertising space presented both group companies, Infante & Riu Portugal Investments Broker and Infante & Riu Portugal Real Estate, reinforcing its image and presence at the 5th Portuguese Real Estate Fair in Paris.

This bilingual special edition (Portuguese/French) has had 3000 copies, distributed complimentary at the Fair, and ran out of stock the first day!

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Portuguese Real Estate Fair in Paris from 20 to 22 May


INFANTE & RIU group, represented by its real estate agency and its brokerage company for real estate projects, will be present at the Portuguese Real Estate Fair in Paris in 2016, which will be held from 20 to 22 May, with an individual stand where we will present more than 600 properties in portfolio and other investment projects with high revenue (buildings to renovate, in co-investment, hotels …) to French investors, more and more attracted to Portugal. Join us at the Stand Nr 58!

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“Golden Visa” set new record on real estate investments in Portugal



The real estate investment volume in Portugal has reached last March 93 million euros, mostly due to the golden visa program with which 168 residence permits have been granted. The first trimester outcome was set on 232 million euros, 43% more than 2015 same period.

 According to Vida Imobiliária, Manuel Reis Campos, president of CPCI (Real Estate and Construction Portuguese Association), «the 1.738 billion euros generated by this program since its inception represents an essential enabling factor for economic growth that goes far beyond the obvious impact on this sector.» Furthermore, «besides the excellent real estate offer, Portugal has a unique cultural and historical legacy, as well as a high level infrastructure network and an incomparable geo-strategic positioning, all factors that cannot be undervalued. Confidence is a key element that must be preserved as it will guarantee international leadership on foreign fund raising.»

 APEMIP (Portuguese association for real estate professionals and companies) foresees 35% to 40% increase on real estate transactions this year as «one in five transactions are from foreign investors» therefore, «Government begins to face this sector as export trade», states Luís Lima, president of the association, to Lusa.

Source: Vida Imobiliária

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Portuguese Hotels registered 2-digit increase in overnight stays in February.

According to INE, overnight stays increased in Portugal 15.1% in February 2016compared to the previous year. The destination with the largest growth was the Azores (+ 57.2%), followed by the Algarve (+ 23.4%).

However, Lisbon remains the destination with more overnight stays with 27.2%, followed by the Algarve (25.9%) and Madeira (18.1%).

Source: Vida Imobiliária

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Lisbon – the ninth city for investments in Europe

New and Old districts of Lisbon, Portugal, EuropeAccording to PwC consultant, in 2015, Lisbon is the ninth city preferred by European investors to bet in real estate. The ranking rose up 17 positions in a year.

The dominant feeling among professionals who participated in this study is that “Portugal is back on the radar of investors” and that the country “has regained its credibility.”

Source: PwC