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Marketing Portuguese Investments Internationally

Rua Ivens 42, 3ºA | Chiado

1200-227 Lisboa - Portugal

+351 218 962 018

On seller side

If you want to sell a building to be renovated in Lisbon, we can accompany you in all the process in close partnership:

We will first do a preliminary evaluation of your asset:

based, first on the resale value of the future units , taking into account market prices of the área, benchmark of similar development, quality of the location and of the asset ( view, historical touch,…). We used for these evaluations our own information data base provided by the sister company of Infante&Riu group which acts as real estate agency for private buyers of properties.

and second from the expectable construction costs of such project, which we will deduce from the resale value of the units.

Then assuming a reasonable gross margin for the future purchaser we will deduce the potential price of the building before renovation.

We will then prepare a teaser that will include all key characteristics of the building for an investor to have a first ideia. Such teaser will in particular assume leverage financing conditions aligned with current bank practice, in order to evaluate the necessary equity to conduct the project and the potential Return on Equity ( ROE ) and the Internal Rate of Return ( IRR).

In case of full partnership which goes with a brokerage exclusivity contract, we will write a full info memo and can manage a competitive process ( private auction approach) or a one to one approach according to the best recommandable option.

In the frame of a full partnership we can also:

Develop with architects already in partnership with us a pre-project which will emphasize the full potential of your building in terms of future construction area

We can assist the bank financing for the future purchaser, by preparing the dossier to be presented to the various banks we used to work with, and promote the first meetings in order to give confort to the future purchaser that he will obtain the targeted bank financing.

We will advise you in order to optimize the value of your assets but we will keep always a realistic approach in order to avoid unsuccessful process which not only are time consuming but can “burn” the image of your asset.

We will promote your asset not only on the domestic market with local developpers but also on the international market with foreign investors,